As the pavements are being covered in salt it is important to keep your dogs and cats safe. Salt can be very poisonous if ingested and it may also burn their pads.

There are a few techniques we recommended to prevent this from happening.
– Buy booties or put dermoscent on their feet to stop the salt burn
– Wipe their feet with a luke warm, damp cloth after being out in the snow
– Limit walks to salt free areas
– Don’t allow your pet to lick/eat anything off the ground to avoid salt ingestion
– Keep your cats indoors

If you think your pet has ingested salt, call us asap as it can be very dangerous.

If your pet has been in contact with salted areas, keep an eye out for the following signs as these are symptoms linked with salt poisoning:

– Excessive thirst and urination
– Vomiting and diarrhoea
– Nausea
– Lack of appetite
– Lethargy
– Swollen tongue
– Seizures
– Breathing difficulties
– Dizziness and instability

If your pet displays any unusual behaviour we urge you to seek medical attention asap.
If you have any questions or would like more advice, don’t hesitate to contact the clinic.

Numbers to remember:
Allpets – 01689 834 109
Vets Now (out of hours emergency number) – 0208 310 7713