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All of our veterinary consultations include a full health check of your animal and last for 15 minutes so you feel that your pet gets the time it deserves.

Our consultation price is £39.50
Nurse consult £19.50

Nurse appointments

Our trained nurses offer a range of consultations and advice including free weight checks for flea and worming treatments.

25% off for Pensioners and Armed Forces Personnel

Wednesday Special: If you are a pensioner or member (active or retired) of the armed forces, call in to our clinic with evidence (eg bus pass or forces membership card) and register with us.

We will issue you with a special card. You can then book in for the special price on Wednesdays only, but you must always bring your card, so keep it safe.


Nail Clipping simple with one nurse = £19.50
Complex nail clip with 2 nurses required = £25.00
Nail clipping with vet = £39.50
Anal gland expressing with nurse = £19.50
Anal gland expressing with vet £39.50
Anal gland expressing with vet in conjunction with a consult fee = £12.50
Written Prescription = £17.50
Microchipping = Insured pets – free of charge
Microchip alone uninsured £19.50


Kitten Vaccination course:
Flu, enteritis and leukaemia = £59.50 (2 x injections, 3 weeks apart)
Adult Cat Booster and health check:
Flu, enteritis and leukaemia = £39.50 (1 vaccine annually)

Puppy Vaccination course:
Puppy vaccination course £49.50 (2 injections 2 – 4 weeks apart depending on the vaccination)
Adult Dog Booster and health check:
Booster DHPL = £32.00 (1 vaccine annually)
Kennel cough on its own = £28.50 (1 nasal vaccine annually)
Kennel cough vaccination at the same time as annual DHPL vaccination = £18.00
Booster and Kennel Cough together = £50.00
Rabies = £45.00 (1 vaccine lasts for 3 years)

Rabbit vaccinations:
Combined vaccine for Myxo and VHD = £39.50 (1 vaccine annually)


We use modern anaesthetic protocols within our practice and you can rest assured that your pet will be monitored while under anaesthetic by one of our trained nurses.

Your pet will receive a pain- relieving injection that will last 24 hrs following surgery and where necessary an antibiotic injection.

We do not wish to compromise on any aspect of your pet’s welfare and our neutering costs do reflect this higher level of care as all the animals anaesthetised in this practice are placed on IV fluid therapy.

We ask you book in for a free of charge pre op check 1 -2 weeks before the surgery is booked so we can ensure that your pet is fit and well for the procedure and all questions can be answered for you at this time by one of our veterinary surgeons.

These prices are the minimum. If the animal is in season, overweight, pregnant, had more than 2 seasons or has retained testicles – there will be an additional charge. At the free of charge pre-op check an accurate estimate will be given. If a pre-anaesthetic blood test is required there will be an additional charge of £57.73.


Male – £72.62
Female – £137.87



Male – £163.75
Female – £194.11


Male – £185.55
Female – £226.89


Male – £215.59
Female – £257.04


Male – £237.50
Female – £276.64


Male – £86.76
Female – £101.16

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