Out of Hours Care

Dedicated Out Of Hours Service

For veterinary care outside of our normal consultation hours please contact:

Vets Now Emergency Ltd
1c Eynsham Drive

Vets Now Emergencies

With a team of highly experienced emergency care vets that only work when other clinics are closed, Vets Now offers emergency care of the highest standard.

This care is provided by dedicated out-of-hours vets that do not have to work standard opening hours as well, so can direct all their care and attention to your pet.

If you are not sure if your pet needs emergency care or not, our Out of Hours Service will always give you free, friendly advice over the phone.

As you can imagine providing Veterinary services during unsociable hours can be more costly so please be aware you will be charged a higher consultation fee.

The initial consultation fee at Vets Now is £152.59. The majority of insurance policies will cover emergency treatment  costs and the staff at Vets Now will always be happy to look over the documents with you if you are unsure.

french bulldog and catWhy we recommend Vets Now…

– Dedicated after hours service
– Can provide free advice over the phone
– Can provide us with a full report of your pets treatment the next morning