We Offer a Friendly and Personalised Service

Consistency of treatment is a priority with us, so if your pet has a long-term condition you will mainly be seeing the same vet on each reassessment visit, as far as is possible.

They will be familiar with your pet’s case, allowing for more efficient monitoring and treatment.

Dr Fotios Kapsomidis MRCVS – Veterinary Surgeon

Fotis has worked at Allpets for many years and has become a lynchpin in providing continuous veterinary treatment to the sick animals under his care. His calm and professional manner is universally appreciated, never more so than in an emergency, and he will go beyond the call of duty to ensure that pets and their owners get the best solution for them.

He trained in Greece, at the prestigious Aristotle University in Thessaloniki, and worked in a specialist dermatology and endocrinology clinic there before embarking for the UK. Here he was found by both Allpets and the lovely Chloe (see below)!

His current passions (apart from Chloe) are surgery of all kinds but especially any orthopaedic surgeries, and working up the complicated medicine cases that seem to arrive at his door: he is never happier than when he can solve some-one’s problem.

And he misses his Greek cat Diego who is one of the very few cats in the world to be diagnosed with Addison’s disease, but who now lives happily with his parents.

At the end of the day when Chloe and Fotis finally go home they have a lovely little tortie cat called Tibia to greet them, and a house full of DIY waiting!

Dr Elisabeth Knight MRCVS – Allpets Owner and Practice Manager

Elisabeth is Allpets owner, and can been seen most days popping in and out doing various practice management tasks.

She has been a vet for 19 years, graduated in Australia and worked there as well as Hong Kong and UK doing a variety of small animal roles including emergency afterhours work, regular vet work, University student training, and owning her own practice in both Australia and UK.

She loves speaking on behalf of those without a voice, they deserve protection, and sees the role of vets to provide it to the best of their ability.

Her vision for the clinic is to be able to provide excellent care for all animals that come through the door and to have good communication with pet owners. To that end the staff are highly trained and regularly attend courses to fine tune their skills.

Now that Allpets is both a training practice and proudly RCVS accredited; the clinic has a great deal more paperwork to complete, which thanks to the tireless efforts of the nursing staff, magically seems to happen!

Dr Nuno Duarte Marcos MRCVS – Veterinary Surgeon

*Dr Nuno Duarte Marcos* (he’s happy to be called just Nuno!) arrived from Portugal in 2018, bringing with him sunshine and calmness and loads of experience. He graduated in 2009, and spent his first year in Southern Spain. Then he moved back to Portugal to open his own practice in the Algarve which he ran for 5 years, and where he saw many English clients.

In Portugal he was very busy, working all hours of the day and night, seeing all sorts of pets: cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, mice, and pet birds, all of which he enjoys treating. For a change he moved to Ibiza for 2 years where again he saw many English clients.

He loves us English so much he has now moved here, but unfortunately left his 8 cats, 2 chihuahuas, and an African Grey parrot with his family back home. I expect it won’t be long before he adopts some more here… His other hobbies are tropical fish, tropical plants (not here in the UK I think), gardening, the beach and the gym.

His professional interests are 1: behaviour 2: neurology and 3:nutrition He has already wowed us with his knowledge, so pop in and meet him to find out if he can help you and your pet friend.

Chloe Shaw SVN – Student Veterinary Nurse

Chloe’s gentle smile, warmth and caring manner shine in any conversation with her. She is a foundation member of Allpets, and knows everything there is to know about how the clinic “works”.

She originally trained as an equine body worker with her honours degree in 2013 in Equine Sports Therapy, but is now training in canine therapy and rehabilitation. She is having particular success with using our Class IV laser on many of our long term arthritic cats and dogs, in addition to helping other chronic problem conditions.

As well as all that she is training to become registered as a veterinary nurse, embarking on yet more training courses, and still finds time to bake her amazing cakes, courtesy of Le Cordon Bleu cake-decorating course she once took…lucky us!

She does have a home to go to though, and she shares this with Fotis, their cat Tibia, her Giant land snail, and multiple tropical fish.

Beverley Cavey RVN – Registered Veterinary Nurse

Beverley qualified as a Veterinary nurse in September 2013 after training for 2 years in a practice in Tonbridge.

She had always known that she would want to work with animals so went straight into this career after finishing her A-levels at school. Beverley loves all aspects of her job but does have a keen interest in small mammals and nurse clinics.

She enjoys studying and at the moment is working towards a certificate in small animal exotics, which is very exciting!

She lives at home with her husband, new baby and three animals; Toby an adorable 5yr old house rabbit, Bob a 1yr old rescue bunny and Harry a young Hermann Tortoise.

In her spare time she enjoys walking in the countryside and participating in her church group as well as singing and craft making.

Michelle Keeley RVN – Registered Veterinary Nurse

Michelle has stepped in to cover Beverley’s maternity leave, and has brought a wealth of nursing experience with her. She is hugely experienced and we are all benefiting from her wisdom, knowledge and steadiness.

She has worked at Allpets on and off over the years and keeps coming back…she must love us so much! And we are very grateful 🙂

In her spare time she breeds pygmy goats, so she must juggle veterinary nursing duties with maternity and paediatric care at home, especially in kidding season.

Jessica van Doorn – Student Animal Care Assistant

Jessica brings an amazing positive energy with her. She always has a kind word, a ready smile, and is frequently heard humming happily to herself.

She is passionate about animals, especially dogs and horses, and has had lots of experience with a wide range of animals from working with ferrets to helping the tigers at a zoo. She studied Animal Behaviour and Welfare with Equine Studies at Cambridge Uni, but after an unlucky disagreement between her bicycle and a car, she swapped academic life for practical training on the job, luckily for Allpets.

In her spare time she runs a dog-walking business which has given her inside knowledge to many breeds and temperaments, and she recently inherited an elderly (but unbelievably cute) dog called Bob to live out the rest of his years with her. She has expanded her family by adopting the sweetest Tibetan Toy terrier puppy, who, like all toy breeds, is busy training Jess.

Rosie O’Brien – Student Veterinary Nurse

Rosie O’Brien is our newest student veterinary nurse. She arrived in July 2018 and has swept us off our feet with her powerful work ethic and wonderful smile. She is an amazing team member who we all enjoy working with, and who will always do her best to meet your pets’ needs.

In her spare time, she enjoys dancing and keeping fit, loves football (Crystal Palace rocks!), rescuing kittens, and walking her 10 year old boxer. She used to have a healthy diet, but we note that we have trained her to like the standard veterinary diet of chocolate and doughnuts!

She will be following in Chloe’s footsteps and studying to take her Registered Veterinary Nurse exams in 2019.

Sue Tranter – Receptionist

Sue has worked at Allpets on and off for 15 years. Many people remember her from the Dan O’Neill days, and she is a wealth of information about the history of Allpets.

Currently she valiantly does the reception duties in our busy little clinic, aided and abetted by several of the nursing staff and her wicked sense of humour. Her kind heart and lovely smile are a welcome sight for all who look in our front door.

Her part-time work with Allpets allows her more time to spend with her husband Pete and their little ginger cat Honey.