How to treat pain in your pets without resorting to medicine

Would you like to help to improve the quality of your pet’s life without using more medicines?

Gentle laser therapy on a cat's spine

Gentle laser therapy on a cat’s spine

We know you put all your love and care into looking after your pet, but every now and again something comes along that revolutionises that care.

Here at Allpets Vets we are always looking for ways we can improve our patients’ sense of well-being without resorting to extra drugs, or maybe even just to lessen the use of regular drugs. Big pharma won’t be happy of course, but your pet’s liver will be!

So we recently purchased a Class IV laser and have had resounding success with all patients, some more than others of course but that depends on the length of time they have had their particular problem(s).

Over the next few posts I will bring you some information about our new laser treatment: what it is, how it works, how your pet can benefit, how a treatment session works, and some testimonials.

So what is laser therapy, and what is a Class IV laser? (if you’re not technically-minded skip over the next bit to get to the exciting offer…)

Laser Therapy uses light (specifically amplified light) to enhance and speed up natural healing processes. A laser beam is conveyed to the skin via a hand-piece so that light energy reaches into the damaged tissue.

Here it interacts with specific molecules leading to several biological effects. These are related to the characteristics of the particular laser source and to treatment parameters we set (wavelength, power, emission modality, frequency and amplitude of the pulse for pulsed lasers, duration of treatment, etc.), as well as the characteristics of target tissues, which all combine to create a therapeutic or healing effect.

Laser therapy on a relaxed Labrador's spine

Laser therapy on a relaxed Labrador’s spine

Laser Therapy is a painless and gentle therapeutic technique that can be applied in daily practice for treating all illnesses involving pain, inflammation, swelling, wounds and ulcers.

At Allpets Vets here in Orpington, our laser is an MLS laser. This stands for Multiwave Locked System.

The MLS® pulse is generated by a sophisticated system of continuous and pulsed emissions, based on two sources of different wavelengths able to reach deep into the target tissues.

The synchronisation of emissions synergically strengthens the therapeutic effects that each one of them is individually able to provide.

These effects are anti-inflammatory (reduces inflammatory damage), anti-oedemic (reduces swelling), analgesic (reduces pain) and biostimulating (encourages repair).

Again, MLS® Laser Therapy is non-invasive, non-painful and non-toxic: if properly applied poses no risk of burns, and so far there aren’t any reported side effects.

Find out how laser therapy works in pets and how we carry out the procedure in practice and book your pet in to see Chloe or Fotis for a session.
We are offering 3 sessions for the price of 2 if you print off this voucher but only one offer per client (sorry) as it’s a very expensive piece of kit!