I have already written about the way the laser works as a piece of kit. This time I want to mention (briefly, don’t worry!) how it works on the cells and tissues on your pets’ body.

When these laser light molecules reach the cells they cause a lot of positive effects (and no negative effects as long as we select our candidates properly).

They speed up the healing processes in a number of different ways, through activating cell repair systems and making helpful processes more available, to controlling the damaging effects of inflammation that could lead to pain.

dog with goggles having laser treatment

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This all results in: less pain (analgesic effect), less inflammation and swelling (anti-inflammatory and anti-oedemic effects), less scarring, and more healing because of increased nutrient supply and more active regenerative processes.

When your pet becomes damaged in what ever way (deterioration related to age, surgical procedures, or accidental damage after some trauma), a natural healing process begins immediately in his or her body.

This is a relatively slow process, and sometimes gets “stuck” when there is some slow ongoing damage.

As vets we describe these different scenarios as :

  • Hyperacute pathology (up to 48 hours after onset)
  • Acute pathology (more than 48 hours but less than 3 weeks after onset)
  • Chronic pathology (more than 3 weeks after onset) and each type needs a different level of frequencies (either very low, low or medium-high), and a different number of treatments.

Luckily your experienced and well-trained staff here at Allpets Vets in Orpington will make those decisions to best help your pet.

Usually a treatment cycle involves 2 to 10 sessions, depending on the pathologic stage of current disease.

Acute problems usually need less treatments, while chronic ones require more sessions. Skin wounds work differently, being in need of treatments until complete healing of the lesion.

We recommend applying the MLS® Laser Therapy once a day on skin wounds, while other pathologies (e.g. arthrosis, spondyloarthrosis, discopathy, oedema, etc) can be treated every other day or every 3 days, depending on the patient’s response.

For some conditions, we advise a maintenance plan where we repeat a single treatment once or twice a month, again depending on the clinical condition of the patient.

We prefer not to sedate a pet because it’s difficult to assess the response. It is most rewarding for owners (and us!) to have a before and after response free of drugs…we all love to see it working!

So what happens on your first visit:

Well, first hand in your voucher to the reception staff for a nice discount!

Then one of our trained staff will take you and your pet into a consult room. If we don’t already know your history, we will spend some time getting a picture of your pet’s general health. If you have never been to us, then you will need a full vet assessment first.

Once we are ready to start, you will be advised to wear laser proof goggles. Your pet’s hair may be shaved (if very thick) and cleaned of any pus or necrotic material, but if not it will be parted so that the laser hand piece can be in direct skin contact.

The method of applying the laser treatment can be in either of two ways:

1: point to point, for example when working on arthritic joints, or for pain relief on trigger points, where the operator places the laser on specific points around the painful joint, and in areas leading to the painful joint.
2: a scanning motion which is good for large areas, for example muscle damage, or large wounds.

There is quite some skill involved in ‘getting it right’, and rarely we get a less than great result.

This could be due to the treatment area getting too much energy, or the wrong frequency for that type of tissue, or too short or too long an interval between treatments.

None of this is harmful, just less than optimal. In this case the member of staff will ‘titrate’ the treatment to improve the response.

It is important to be patient. Pain is subjective (both to the pet and the owner).

We know this system works, so we are happiest when we have both happy pets and their owners!

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