Do you have a new puppy?

Having a new puppy in the family is a really exciting time, especially when they’re exploring their new environment, making friends and getting up to mischief. But it’s also important to use their early weeks and months as an opportunity to get them well-socialised and into good habits, to prevent problems in later life.

The window of opportunity to easily socialise your pup lies between 6 weeks and 16 weeks. After that, their brains change to make them less receptive.

At Allpets Vet Clinic, we are starting puppy socialisation classes on Saturday afternoons at 2pm to give your new companion a chance to play, explore and learn in a safe environment. We are offering a FREE *3 week* course where your pup (and you!) will learn different things each week.

All puppies between 8 weeks and 13 weeks of age are welcome to sign up for the classes. They only need to have had their first vaccination and parasite control. We like advance notice so we can make sure the class is right for them. The classes are well-controlled, there is not a free-for-all, and we are very mindful of smaller pups feeling safe.

Your puppy will learn to evaluate other dogs and strangers, they will learn some basic commands, good “etiquette”, and they will thoroughly enjoy themselves!

And you, their owner, will also learn a great deal and enjoy yourself!

Tailored care to your pet’s first needs – what’s included?

Introducing your new member of the family to a strong healthy life can be challenging. Also to understand preventative health such as vaccination, flea and worming treatment as wel as diet and growth can be overwhelming for new owners.

With our 6 Month Starter Pack we offer all the care your pet will need at the start of their life in a hassle-free way.

With a simple one-off payment, initial vaccinations and preventative health care are FREE for 6 months. Having tailored care and advice will allow your pet to enjoy all the healthcare that our vet can provide.