We all know how important good dental care is for us, but it’s just as important for our furry friends.

Keep watching our Facebook page as we have days where we offer a simple scale and polish for dogs and cats including intravenous fluids for just £99!

So call the clinic and get them booked in for our next specials day to get those pearly whites shining!

Did You Know These Pet Facts?

….80% of dogs and 70% of cats show some signs of tooth and mouth disease by the age of 3….

….poor dental health can lead to bad breath (halitosis), loose teeth and tooth loss, mouth pain and poor appetite….

….dental disease can cause serious health problems where bacteria from the teeth enter the blood and can affect the heart, kidneys and liver….

….preventative dental care in the form of brushing and dentals can significantly improve your pet’s health and quality of life….

A dental before and after at Allpets

A dental before and after at Allpets